Challenge: A leading global pharmaceutical company contracted Beaufort to validate its packaging process using our proven process analysis approach and tools to facilitate the implementation of a new vision and optical character recognition system.

Beaufort Solution: While the new system promised to help automate packaging inspection and final product disposition, our client was concerned that the technical limitations of the existing equipment on each packaging line and its engineering team expertise were not efficient enough and unable to fully capitalize on the capabilities of the new system. We facilitated cross-functional (packaging materials supplier, validation technician, quality technician, process engineer, and maintenance staff) team meetings and ongoing design and testing analysis reviews covering the critical performance qualities of an automated inspection process to identify deficiencies with the current equipment and process, and developed all the engineering studies and validation protocols.

As the project progressed, our team also identified several process improvement opportunities to lower cost, reduce cycle time and enhance the quality of the client’s packaging process.  The validation plan was rapidly adjusted to incorporate these improvements into the validation protocols and training regimen. As a result, once the technical upgrades  on each packaging line and the specialized training are completed, our client has a fully developed and executable plan to validate an efficient, better performing packaging process that was standardized and optimized to take full advantage of the capabilities of its new vision and optical recognition system.

Date posted: October 27, 2011

Categories: Case Studies Quality Assurance & Compliance