Quality Oversight

As a sponsor, you are responsible for the integrity of the data generated by your third-party vendors. That’s why regulatory agencies are now focused on how sponsors oversee the activities and ensure the quality of their CROs. Beaufort provides an independent assessment of CRO and other vendor performance, which can have the added benefit of identifying opportunities for early process improvement and resultant cost and time savings. Oversight of your clinical trial becomes even more critical during times of crisis, such as COVID-19, as companies are responding quickly to the urgent need for medical innovation. Read more more about Beaufort’s full suite of COVID-19 related services.

Independent Assessment to Ensure the Integrity of Clinical Trial Data

Sponsors are ultimately responsible for the integrity of the data generated by their third-party vendors. Beaufort eliminates the inherent bias that may exist in a long-term relationship between a sponsor and its CRO through objective assessment of CRO work activities.

Improved Efficiencies and Risk Mitigation through Co-Monitoring

Beaufort’s team will assess the performance of CRA’s with a critical eye towards continuous process improvement, this reducing nonconformance-related time and cost delays.

Better Adherence to Trial Plans to Reduce Regulatory Noncompliance

Beaufort’s metrics-driven quality oversight reports confirm the CRO’s adherence to trial plans, which helps reduce the risk of protocol deviations and regulatory nonconformances.

Real-Time CAPA to Prevent Delays and Reduce Costs

Beaufort identifies and documents nonconformances and process inefficiencies early in the clinical trial, enabling CAPA to be implemented sooner, resulting in improved CRO efficiency, reduced costs and fewer delays.

Quality of Work Ensured to Demonstrate Commitment to CRO Oversight

When regulatory agencies ask about oversight of your CRO, you can tell them that your process is aligned with their expectations and that oversight was performed by a reputable, experienced third-party provider — Beaufort.

Our team of highly experienced quality oversight assessors understands the cultural diversities and distinct clinical approaches that come into play when working on an international clinical trial. In addition to GCP expertise, many Beaufort assessors have extensive experience in good manufacturing practice (GMP) principles and bring GMP-quality methodology to the clinical process. Our quality oversight team continues to receive in-depth training in relevant quality methodologies through Beaufort’s continuing education program.

Beaufort was the first to develop an independent quality oversight program. Our solutions are well-aligned with FDA’s Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) and its call for the industry to be more innovative in its clinical trial work. Beaufort provides an independent assessment of CRO and other vendor performance, offering potential opportunities for early process improvement and resultant cost and time savings.


Quality Oversight, Step by Step


Quality Oversight Plan

Beaufort begins with the development of a quality oversight plan that reflects whether a client needs comprehensive quality services or more focused co-monitoring activities. Risk assessment and mitigation strategies are key components of the plan. Developed in consultation with the sponsor, the plan documents the key processes for assessment and outlines the methods and timelines utilized in performing those assessments.


Strategic Site Selection

Selection of specific sites isn’t arbitrary, but depends upon individual sponsor and trial requirements. Beaufort works closely with the sponsor to develop a quantifiable analysis and selection plan that includes criteria such as enrollment rates, data quality, individual CRA issues and geographic dispersion.


Assessment and Data Gathering

Beaufort quality oversight assessors observe, critically assess and provide objective and unbiased feedback on your CRO’s processes at clinical trial sites. Beaufort assessors incorporate immediate on-site CAPA when necessary to uphold subject safety. In addition, they provide clarification on protocol-specific guidelines and monitoring plans.


Metrics and Reporting

Beaufort provides real-time metrics through regular reports on the CRO work process. Used to drive CAPA, Beaufort reports contain a comprehensive, quantifiable analysis of high-risk issues utilizing quality by design (QbD) concepts and ICH principles of risk management. Data from numerous assessment tools are integrated into a data warehouse so you can view customized data queries and trending analyses in real time using Beaufort’s online dashboard tool.


End-of-Trial Reporting and Inspection Readiness

Beaufort quality oversight clients are well prepared for FDA inspections. A detailed quality oversight report demonstrates to the FDA and other regulatory agencies exactly what you did, through third-party quality oversight. This ensures that the CRO(s) provided services according to contractual and regulatory requirements.